Why do you need my passport details?
You will be asked to provide your nationality and passport number to your Agadir fast track agent in order to escort you through immigration (some airports may not require this). Our Agadir fast track agent will need that information when booking.

How is fast-track immigration guaranteed?
Agadir fast track owns full access to a separate fast-track immigration and customs line.

Can I use a different name than mine for the pickup sign?
If you would like to have a different name than your real name, you may do so. All you have to do is include your request at the end of your reservation form.

How does my Agadir fast track concierge get to me?
Your Agadir fast track concierge will meet up with you at your gate, and they will be holding a sign with your chosen name. For our departure service, you will be called ahead of time in order to find out when you’ll be arriving, and you will be greeted at your terminal. You will be requested to call when you’re ten minutes away from the airport.

Can i book Agadir fast track for someone else?
Absolutely! You have to enter the passenger’s information when you log into your account. Make sure to update the trip contact in the booking process if the itinerary and confirmation are meant for another person.

What if my Agadir fast track agent is absent?
While that has never happened in our history, you may contact us at the following numbers:
+212 688 58 61 61 or +212 524 448 275

Whats your refund and cancellation policy?
Cancellations and changes made 48 hours before your scheduled service offers free cancellation.
Cancellations and changes made between 48-24 hours will apply a $75 USD fee.
Cancellations and changes made in 24 fours before will provide NO REFUND.

Do you serve airports other than the one in Agadir?
For now, we’re perfecting the Agadir airport experience. If you do require our services at another airport, contact us and we’ll make it happen for you!

How do I book my Agadir fast track?
Click here to start. It’s fairly easy and only takes minutes.

What is Agadir fast track?
Agadir fast track offers VIP airport concierge services in Agadir. You will be escorted through the airport and all its necessary procedures, such as security, immigration, and customs, and you will arrive at your destination safe, and in a timely manner. You will also be assisted with your luggage and guided throughout your airport journey, whether you’re arriving, or departing, Agadir fast track will gladly take care of any necessities and you’ll enjoy your travel experience much more.