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Departures Connections Arrivals

fast track  Agadir takes off the burden of airport departure and connections. Offering competitive prices and tailored to your needs. Whether you’re a large group of friends and family, or a high-profile individual that can’t really have any time squandered away, fast track Agadir has got everything under control.

Departures - Meet and greet, Airport

Our Agadir fast track pass concierge will be greeting you at the curbside, and we’re going to be with you from the starting point of the airport until you’re boarded up and safe.

Baggage assistance

You will get to your plane without having to carry your baggage, as our Agadir fast track staff will be accompanying you until you board and they will help out with the baggage. The airport’s secure wrapping station requires a fee and will only be applicable if your airport has availability.

VAT refunds

Our Agadir fast track concierge is aware of the procedures that need to be taken in order to receive a tax refund for your purchases, so you’ll be taking off with an extra amount of money that’s easily put in your pocket.


Fast track Agadir will determine the fastest check-in option based on your airline and frequent flyer status, this will include private check-in access to priority counters. Agadir fast track offers you hassle-free documentation and baggage options.

Immigration, customs clearance, and Fast-track security

Fast track Agadir will get you through airport security, customs, and immigration is a whiff, and our agent will escort you through exclusive lanes if need be.

Duty-free shopping assistance

Our Agadir fast track agent will lend a helping hand when it comes to Duty-free shopping. Your shopping will be tailored to your taste, and we keep the budget in our minds. Your duty-free shopping experience will be completely changed!

Lounge access assistance

Depending on your frequent flyer status, your loyalty cards, and your airfare class ,our Agadir fast track agent will advise you throughout your journey on paid options at airline lounges, alliance lounges, and other third-party lounges. (Entry fees are not included in Agadir fast-track service).

Escort to gate

Fast track Agadir offers gate-escort so you’ll spend less time waiting and more time focusing on your plans. You will be boarded on time and be provided with access to special airport services and priority boarding options.

Connections - Airport assistance

You can count on Agadir fast track to handle all types of connecting flights that are within the same airport, whether you’re flying Domestic-to-International, International-to-International, Or International-to-Domestic. Agadir fast track also offers a transfer service that allocates three hours per traveling party. Accommodations can be made on case-by-case basis.

Terminal transfer assistance

Agadir fast track relies on punctuality to offer quality service, you will arrive well rested, and on time.

Baggage recheck, customs and immigration, and expedited security

Whether you’re flying internationally, or you’re on a domestic flight, Agadir fast track will recheck your bags for you and expedite any necessary security, customs, and procedures.

Lounge and gate-escort

You will be escorted to the lounge if you’re in the mood of relaxing a little before your flight takes off, and then to your next flight. Your take-off time is constantly being monitored by our agent, so you just relax! (entry fees to lounges are not included in Agadir fast-track service).

Arrivals - Airport meet and assist

Your least worries should be the plans you have or the amount of sleeping time you’re going to have. You will be escorted throughout your journey by our Agadir fast track concierge.

Fast-track immigration

Agadir fast track offers escort through priority immigration lanes, and you’ll save more time. When applicable, our agent will help you deal with the immigration procedures upon arrival.

Porter service

You will be escorted through customs to your final transportation option, and our Agadir fast track agent will offer porter service.

Customs control

You will be helped with your baggage and escorted through customs control by our Agadir fast track concierge. We will also help you to minimise taxes that are related to valuable items you’re carrying.

Safe ground transportation

Agadir fast track will help arrange safe ground transportation options, with your budget and group size taken into account.